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We offer contract services utilizing label-free instruments from Biacore, BioRad, Bruker, Carterra, ForteBio & Nicoya.  We do everything biosensor related from assay development and screening to kinetics and biosimilar analysis.  If it can be done using a biosensor, we have probably done it.   Email (in US) or (in EU) to get started on your project.



Biosensor assays can be tricky.  Send us your regeants and we can show you the best way to design the assay.  We've developed assays for tough systems such as GPCRs and ion channels.



We pioneered the application of SPR biosensors for mAb and small molecule screening.  If there is something out there that binds to your target, we can help you find it.  For small molecules, we can start with your library or our Maybridge Ro3 libaray.



The bread-and-butter application for biosensors is characterization of binding kinetics and affinity.  Fast or slow, weak or tight, we have ways of getting to the bottom of every interaction.



Want to show the FDA your biosimilar is the same as an approved pharmaceutical? There's no better way than comparing them side-by-side using biosensor technology.  We can assess antigen and Fc receptor binding. 



Whether it's 2 or 200 mAbs you need to map, we can run them all against each other and help you find the unique epitopes.



We have experience in collecting data to support patent disputes and can help explain SPR data to a jury.

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