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Q1:  What is SensorFest?

A1:  SensorFest is a conference and hands-on workshop focused on interaction analysis.  It is a great opportunity for rookie and professional users to get up to date information on biosensor technology and applications.

Q2:  Where is SensorFest?

A2:  Vienna Austria             Lectures will be at the Blickle Theater in Belvedere 21 Museum    Hands-on training District4art gallery

Q3:  When is SensorFest?

A3:  Last week of September, 2022.

         Sun. 25   (19-21hr)  Meet & greet instrument exhibition (District4art)

         Mon. 26   (9-17hr)   Lectures and presentation (Belvedere 21)

         Tue.  27   (9-17hr)   Technology day (Belvedere 21, wear your Dirndl and/or Lederhosen!)

         Wed. 28  (9-17hr)    Hands on training (District4art)

         Thu. 29   (9-17hr)    Hands on training (District4art)

         Fri.   30   (9-17hr)    Final presentations (Belvedere 21)

        Sat.  1      (9-22hr)    Vienna city tour (optional additional cost) 


Q4:  Where should I stay?

A4:  You need to arrange your own hotel!  The Belvedere 21 and District4art gallery (see stars below) are next to the Hauptbahnhof train station which has direct train access to the Vienna airport.  There are lots of hotels in the area. The Andaz is across the street from Belvedere 21, so it is closes to the lecture hall.  The Mooons is the newest hotel in the area. 


Q4:  What instruments will be available for hands-on training?  

A4:  So far we have presentations and systems from Bruker, BioRad, Carterra, Cytiva, dynamic Biosensors, IBIS, Reichert,         

        Sapidyne, Sartorius, Fluidic Analytics, lino-Biotech AG, M2-Automation, Fida Biosystems and Nicoya. 

        Let us know if there are other instruments we should include.


Q5:  What does registration fee include?

A5:  Registration covers meeting hand outs and hands-on training supplies along with 3 group lunches, 5 dinners, 10 snack

        breaks, opening night exhibition refreshments, Belvedere tour, and Wiener Wiens Fest!  Given the purpose of the meeting we

        like to keep everyone together when we eat to give everyone a chance to interact.  


Q6:  What will I learn at SensorFest?  

A6:  You should be concerned that your brain may not be big enough to hold the volumes of information it will receive.


Q7:  WilI I have to do any work at the meeting?  

A7:  Yes, unlike most conferences (which frankly are a waste of time) you will be expected to work before, during and after              

        SensorFest.  Your first task will be to email us 3 reasons why we should allow you to attend SensorFest.


Q8:  Will I be expected to wear a Dirndl or Lederhosen?  

A8:  Of course!  We will be celebrating Oktoberfest on

         Tuesday at Wiener Wiens Fest! (Dirndl or Lederhosen are optional)


Still have questions? 


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