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Q1:  What is SensorCon-III?

A1:  The most informative and fun advanced biosensor workshop in the galaxy.  

                Day 1 Level 1 training covers basic to advanced concepts in experimental design

                Day 2 Presentations on state-of-the-art biosensor technology

                Day 3 Hands-on training where you run experiments

                Day 4 Another full day of hands-on training because after all you have two hands

                Day 5 Data analysis and review to find out if you have what it takes to be a Sensor Hero


Q2:  When and where is SensorCon-III?

A2:  We are looking at 2020 with the location to be decided.  


Q3:  I've used a biosensor for ten years, do I really have to come to Level 1 training?  

A3:  Well we have used biosensors for 26 years and we are going to be at Level don't want to miss it.


Q4:  What instruments will be available for hands-on training?  

A4:  So far we have systems from Biacore, Bruker, Carterra, Creoptix, PALL (Octet & SensiQ), IBIS, Reichert, Sapidyne,                     

        Nanomedical Diagnostics & Nanotemper.  Let us know if there are others we should consider including.


Q5:  Can we get a discount on the rate if we send 3 people?  

A5:  No but we are offering a limited-time bakers dozen (send 12 people and get 1 free).


Q6:  What will I learn at SensorCon-III?  

A6:  You should be concerned that your brain may not be big enough to hold the volumes of information it will receive.


Q7:  WilI I have to do any work at the meeting?  

A7:  Yes, unlike most conferences, which frankly are a waste of time, you will be expected to work before, during and after              

        SensorCon-III.  Your first task will be to email us 3 reasons why we should allow you to attend SensorCon-III.


Q8:  Will I be expected to wear a costume to SensorCon-III?  

A8:  Of course!  Dressing up is half the fun!


Q9:  Do I have to wear a costume each day of the meeting?

A9:  Costumes are mandatory for Day 2 only.  However, no one

        will stop you from wearing a costume each day.


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